From the creative collective Nuff Said. Blacklisted is a podcast dedicated to discussing uncomfortable subjects surrounding race, creativity and diversity.

Why a podcast?


Nuff Said is a collective who’s passionate about promoting inclusivity in the creative industry. 

Often discomfort is what holds us back from taking a stand. But if we’re afraid of being uncomfortable then we can’t create real change. Black-listed is a podcast dedicated to discussing uncomfortable topics surrounding race, creativity and diversity. We want to bring to light the diversity issues the creative industry doesn’t want to cause a fuss over. And start to highlight how we can all play a part in solving those issues.




Nuff Said Team:


Creative Director: Kemi Adeeko 

Account Manager: Maureen Vasquez

Designer and Social Media: Georgia Armstrong 

Designer: Paul Ifeneziuche



Creative Producer: Maisie Angela 

Host and Editor: Isaac Izekor

Design and Promotion: Lisa Hooper 

As Creative Producer of the podcast it was my role to take our collectives vision of a podcast and make it a reality; alongside the editor and host Isaac Izekor and Design and Branding Lisa Hooper. This process involves everything from generating ideas, assembling the right team, assisting in researching and choosing the speakers, breaking down the episode content/script and discussion.


Scheduling Pre-Conversations and Podcast Recordings whilst also assisting Lisa who created the visual language ensuring it meets our tone of voice. My role has been prominent from beginning middle and end  with  knowledge about each aspect of the production process of the podcast in order to make it happen.

Podcast Team:

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Blacklisted Manifesto:

Episode 1: I'm Not Racist But,  Promotion Content

Racism has history on its side. That history is uncomfortable but we can’t let it become a barrier to changing our present. If we want inclusivity at the heart of creative culture, we need to examine our own hearts first. ⁣